Heena In The Wonderland

Thank You So Much!


A girl hugging her mom. The girl is Heena of the HeenaInTheWonderland.

THANK YOU for all the times you held my hand. And my heart. For teaching me that success isn’t some position but the laughs I laugh & the laughs I share. For taking my sadness & making it your own. For jumping with joy in my joys and lending a shoulder to rest on when my heart is heavy. 

“La Vie Est Belle. Life is beautiful,” I always say. You are the reason why! 🙂

Thank you for making me experience what blessings in person are. Because you are GOD’s favourite blessings & he gave it to ME. 

A daughter hugging her father

The Creative Artists

I’ll let their work do the talking. 🙂


(Magician; Solves Every Glitch)


(Designer + Developer)

Ankita Manuja 

(Logo Designer)

Yatin Didwani 

(Frontend Developer)

My Learning Centres

Shipra Travels Logo

My first formal company that is more like a family. Thank you Girish Sir for the trust you place & the culture you promote, Gourav Sir for the knowledge you share, and everyone (Talwinder, Swati, Parvinder, Sunny, Puneet, Manpreet) for being who you are. 

I wrote stories and poems for this platform for 6 years. It was through The Anonymous Writer that I got the opportunity to conduct creative writing workshops in IITs and IIMs. While I no longer manage it, this platform gave me so much to experiment with. Indebted. 

Every soul at CueBlocks is PASSIONATE when it comes to DREAMS. Pooja has a cake business, Ankita organises exhibitions, Sarthak Sir has Theater, Avneet Ma’am has Ovegano. And I thought – You can have your Wonderland, Heena. Thank you SO MUCH for this, CB. 🙂