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A Short Story About Life – Personal Experience

Conversation About Life

No short story about life can be as compelling as a touching story that pops out of personal experiences. I usually wear a positive outlook, but it gets infected with doubts, questions, and more doubts. In times like these, a friend is the one who comes to the rescue and knocks some sense into you. I happen to have a beautiful friend who never fails to astonish me with her wit.

Background To This Touching Story About Life

The short story narrated below is about life in general and one’s thought process in particular. The conversation happened between my friend and me. It is the epitome of positivity. During my low phases, I go back to this conversation and tell myself (over and over again) that it’s all about how one looks at the situation – with a positive mindset or otherwise.

It’s a choice we have to make. It’s, in fact, a choice we subconsciously make.

So we should all choose positivity because that’s the solution. That’s a recipe for a beautiful life!

Short Story About Life | Narration

“Listen na. I am scared.”

“Oh, about what?”

“About achieving something I’ve long been thinking to achieve, pinning hopes that it’ll give me peace… but not finding peace after achieving it. What then?”


“Yaaa. Like running after and draining yourself for something so much only to realise that it wasn’t worth it.”

“It’s a part of life, isn’t it?”

“Of course. But why does it have to be so weird?”

“It isn’t weird yaar. It’s beautiful. La vie est belle. Look, even though you wouldn’t have the peace you expected that thing to give you, you’ll have a better understanding of yourself, of your desires, of your thoughts and feelings, and state of mind. Isn’t that lovely?”

La vie eat belle reads the image. Life is beautiful. This sentence is part of the touching story about life based on Heena's real-life experience.

“Swaah! What about all the hard work I’d have put in? About the sleepless nights? I could have done something else during that time…”

“What thing? That’s the question.”

“Like I could have just sat and relaxed! Slept, maybe?”

“Hahaha. Of course, my Sleeping Beauty. But why are your actions based on the results you’ll have?”

“Because why not?”

“Um… Gita says you should focus on your actions and not the result.”

“Who’s Gita?”

“Bhagwad Gita, idiot!”

“Kidding yaar! But forget what books say. Books will keep saying something or the other. We have been given brains for a reason is what I feel.”

“Yes, but then, we’ll keep thinking about anything and everything. And we’ll never have answers.”

“We anyway don’t!”

“So you want to keep thinking?”

“Um, let’s try?”

“Well, then, why not think that the thing you’ll achieve will give you peace in the first place?”


Eyerolls to depict confusion as part of the short story about life narrated by Heena.

“Whaaaaat? I have found you a solution. OH MY GOD, I HAVE FOUND YOU A SOLUTION. Your best friend is a genius.”


“Haha! Stop acting like a kid and start thinking about the peace you’ll have once you achieve ‘it’!”


“Shhhh! Maybe this is the answer. Positivity is the answer.”

An image full of positivity and colourful elements to depict the happy ending of the short story about life narrated by Heena.

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