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Sai Ve Sadi Fariyad Tere Tayi Lyrics & Its English Translation – Prayer for the Soul

A picture of Sai Baba with an English translated paragraph from Satinder Sartaj's Sai Ve Saadi Fariyad Tere Tayi Song

In the journey of life, one must take time out for the soul. I do it by reciting Sai Ve Sadi Fariyad Tere Tayi lyrics because they are pure magic! This song makes me feel closer to virtue and calms the voice in me that screams spirituality.

It’s funny how I have loved this song for ages, yet it wasn’t until I penned this blog down that I understood it in its entirety.

It’s (sort of) like singing Hanuman Chalisa daily but not knowing the lyrics word for word. But, well, I have things sorted for Satinder Sartaj’s Sai ve song. It is THE best prayer for the soul. You have to believe me, please. Just go through the lyrics with the English translation, and you’d know. Your heart would know! Go on.

Sai Ve Sadi Fariyad Lyrics with English Translation

Stanza – 1

Koyi Ali aakhe, Koyi vali aakhe
Koyi kahe daata, sache malka nu
Meinu samaj na Ave, ki naam deva
Es gol chakki diyan chalka nu
कोई अली आखे कोई वली आखे,
कोई कहे दाता सचे मालिका नु ।
मेनू समज न आवे की नाम देवा, 
एस गोल चकी दिया चालका नु ॥
  • Some say “Ali”, some say “Wali”   
  • Some say “Daata/God” to the one who is the master of all.
  • I don’t understand what name to give 
  • To the one who runs (chalka meaning: chalaane wala) this round-shaped (round like a flour grinder) universe. 

Stanza – 2

Ruh da asal malak ohi maniye ji
Jida naam laiye tan sarur hove
Akha khuliya nu mehboob disey
Akha band hovan tan hazur hove
रूह दा असल मालिक ओही मानिये जी, 
जिदा नाम लईए ता सरुर होवे ।
अखा खुलिया नू महबूब दिस्से, 
अखा बंद होवण ता हुजुर होवे ॥
  • Consider the soul’s true master to only be 
  • The one whose name, when taken, gives intoxication (sarur – It’s such a beautiful emotion! I can’t stop picturing people dancing in Vrindavan’s Iskon Temple, admirers standing for hours at Nada Sahib Gurudwara for darshan, devotees passionately creating a vibe with “Saare bolo – Ja Maata Di” during Vaishno Devi chadhayi, and youngsters taking turns carrying Kawad during Kawad Yatra. Sarur – I would love to witness this emotion someday. One day.)
  • Eyes, when opened, see the Lord (beloved)
  • Eyes, when closed, witness the Lord (true master) 

Stanza – 3

koyi soan vele koyi naaun vele
koyi gaun vele tenu yaad karda
ik nazar tu mehar di maar Sai
sartaaj v khara faryaad karda!
कोई सौन वेले कोई नहान वेले,
 कोई गौण वेले तैनू याद करदा ।
एक नजर तू मेहर दी मार साईं, 
“सरताज” वी खड़ा फरयाद करदा ॥
  • Some while sleeping, some while bathing,
  • Some while singing – remember you and your grace.
  • Give one glance of kindness, O Sai/Lord (Because even half of it does WONDERS)
  • Satinder Sartaaj (The Lyricist of this song) is standing, praying for it – for one glance of kindness.

Stanza – 4

Sai ve sadi fariyad tere tayi
Sai ve baaho fadd beda banne laayi
Sai ve mere’aan gunaha nu lukaai
Sai ve haazra huzoor ve tu aayi
साईं वे साढी फरियाद तेरे ताहि, 
साईं वे बह्हो फ़ढ़ बेड़ा बन्ने लाई ।
साईं वे मेरेआं गुनाहा नु लुकाई, 
साईं वे हाजरा हजूर वे तू आई ॥ (2)
  • O Lord, our request is made to you. (Because where else can we even go, and who else will listen!)
  • O Lord, take us by our arms to the other side of life. (Insight – Bedha in Urdu is a small ship. When we say “bedha garq”, it means a destroyed ship/troubled times. When we say “bedha paar”, it signifies a ship landing safely on the other end of the shore. It is commonly used as a spiritual metaphor to signify reaching that side of life where nirvana is attained.)
  • O Lord, hide my sins. (While we can interpret the work “lukaai” as “forgive”, I’ll like to go by the literal meaning and believe that it means “hide”. That’s because our sins must be hidden from the ones who can use them wrongly against us, make us feel terrible about them, and hinder our growth. Only the almighty can help us keep them under wraps so we can work in silence.)
  • O Lord, do come to my rescue when I call you. 

Sai Ve Sadi Fariyad – Meanings in English/Hindi

  1. Sai Meaning in English – O Lord, Divine Powers
  2. Sai Meaning in Hindi – Hey Bhagwan
  3. Fariyaad Meaning in English – Request/Appeal
  4. Fariyad Meaning in Hindi – Duhaai
  5. Saadi Meaning in English – Ours
  6. Saadi meaning in Hindi – Hmaari
  7. Tayi Meaning in English – Tayin is an Urdu word that means assessment/judgement
  8. Tayi Meaning in Hindi – Vichaar
  9. Ve meaning – It’s an adverb/a colloquial fluff word used in Punjabi for a boy/man. Example – “Jaspreet ve” just like “Jaspreet Ji/Bro/Bhai”
  10. Bedha Meaning in Hindi – Naav
  11. Bedha Meaning in English – Ship

Stanza – 5

Sai ve fera maskeena val payi
Sai ve bol khaak sara de pugai
Sai ve hak vich fesle sunai
Sai ve holi holi khamiya ghatai
साईं वे फेरा मस्कीना वाल पाई, 
साईं वे बोल काक सारा दे पुगई ।
साईं वे हक विच फैसले सुनाई, 
साईं वे हौली –हौली खामिया घटाई ।
  • O Lord, come to our humble abode. (“Fera daalna” is a punjabi rasm where the girl comes to her home for the first time after her wedding. “Maskeen” means humble.)
  • O Lord, let the wrongly interpreted words make sense.
  • O Lord, give verdict in favour of justice. (The essence of this line should be a part of everyone’s prayer because so many innocents get punished for crimes they never committed.)
  • O Lord, lessen my flaws with time. (What an absolute delight this line is! My favourite.)

Stanza – 6

Sai ve mein nu mere andro mukai
Sai ve digiye tan farr ke uthai
Sai ve dekhi na bharose ajmai
Sai ve aukhe sokhe raha cho kadai
साईं वे मेनू मेरे अन्द्रो मुकाई, 
साईं जे डीगिये ता फर के उठाई ।
साईं वे देखि ना भरोसे आजमाई, 
साईं वे औखे -सौखे रहा चो काढायीं ।
  • O Lord, put an end to the ego inside me. 
  • O Lord, hold and lift me if I fall. (Wow!)
  • O Lord, don’t test the faith that I have in you. (Because who will I turn to if I fail the test?)
  • O Lord, guide me through life’s paths – both easy and difficult. 

(Can there be a more beautiful prayer than this one – Sai Ve Sadi Fariyad Tere Tayi?)

Stanza – 7

O Sai ve kala nu v hor chamkai
Sai ve sura nu bithade thaon thai
Sai ve taal vich turna sikhai
Sai ve saaz russ gaye tan manai
Sai ve ena naal vaad v garai
Sai ve akhra da meil tu karayi
ओ साईं, कला नु वी होर चमकाई, 
वे सूरा नु बिठा दे थो – थाई ।
साईं वे ताल विच तुरना सिखाई, 
साईं वे साज रूस गए ता मनाई ।
साईं वे ऐहना नाल आवाज़ वे रालायी, 
साईं वे अखरा दा मेल तू कराइ ।
  • O Lord, better my skills and make them shine. (Be it singing, writing, dancing, painting, or anything.)
  • O Lord, place the musical notes exactly where they should be, giving a soulful effect to my music. 
  • O Lord, teach me/my music to be in rhythm. 
  • O Lord, help me pacify my instruments if they ever sulk.
  • O Lord, help me talk things out with them as well.
  • O Lord, match my words with my instruments. 

This part of Punjabi song Sai Ve Sadi Fariyad Tere Tayi lyrics is focused on what the lyricist/singer wants for himself, and he’s done it so beautifully.

Stanza – 8

Sai ve kanni kise geet di farai
Sai ve shabda da sath v nibhai
Sai ve nagme nu farr ke jagai
Sai ve shayri ch asar vaSai
साईं वे कन्नी किसे गीत दी फडाई, 
साईं वे शब्दा दा साथ वी निभाई ।
साईं वे नगमे नू फड़ के जगाई, 
साईं वे शायरी च असर वखायीं ।
  • O Lord, give me the corner of a song to hold on to. (kanni = corner)
  • O Lord, let the words of that song play together too. 
  • O Lord, awaken the songs in me. (Nagme = songs)
  • O Lord, sweeten the essence of my poetry. (Ah, a wish every writer/poet makes!)

Stanza – 9

Sai ve jazbe di veil nu vadhai
Sai ve ghut ghut sabnu piyaiye
Sai ve ishqe da nasha v charai
Sai ve serr tu khyala nu karayi
Sai ve tarya te desh leke jai
Sai ve sufia de vangra nachai
साईं वे ज़ज्बे दी वाले नु वडाई, 
साईं वे गुट-गुट सब नु पेआयीं ।
साईं वे इश्कुए दा नशा वी चाडायीं, 
साईं वे सैर तू ख्यालां नू कराई ।
साईं वे तारेआं दे देश ली के जावीं, 
साईं वे सुफियान दे वांगरा नचाई ।
  • O Lord, increase the fire of passion within me. (Oh my! Spot-on.)
  • O Lord, let everyone taste this passion, one sip at a time. (It’ll be surreal if one gets to taste it.)
  • O Lord, intoxicate me with your love.
  • O Lord, take my thoughts on a spiritual journey.
  • O Lord, take me to the world of stars, away from life and death.
  • O Lord, make me dance like mystics (Sufis).

Stanza – 10

Sai ve asi sajj bethe chai chai
Sai ve thodi bauti ada v sikhai
Sai ve mere naal naal tu v gai
Sai ve laaj sartaj di bachai
साईं वे असी सज बैठे चाईं-चाईं, 
साईं वे थोड़ी बौती अदा वी सिखाई ।
साईं वे मेरे नाल- नाल तू वे गायीं ।
साईं वे साईं लाज सरताज दी बचाई, 
  • O Lord, we are all dolled up, waiting for you.
  • O Lord, teach us how to be graceful.
  • O Lord, sing along with me.
  • O Lord, keep my honour safe. (That’s what I have seen my parents pray all their life, and this prayer has everything. EVERYTHING!)

Stanza – 11

Sai ve bhulya nu ungli farai
Sai ve agey ho ke raha roshnai
Sai ve nehreya ch pale na churayi
Sai ve zindagi de bol nu pukayi
Sai ve fikra nu hava ch urayi
Sai ve sare lagey daag v dhuvayi
Sai ve sile sile naina nu sukai
साईं वे भुलेये नू ऊँगली फराई ।
साईं वे अग्गे हो के राह रोषनयी, 
साईं वे नेहरा विच पल्ले ना छुडायीं ।
साईं वे जिंदगी दे भोज नु चुकाई, 
साईं वे फिखारा नु हवा च उढाई ।
साईं वे सारे लगे दाग वी धोअई, 
साईं वे सिले-सिले नैना नु सुखाई ।
  • O Lord, give your finger to those who have lost their way.
  • O Lord, come forth to light up our paths.
  • O Lord, don’t pull your support away when it’s time for us to cross the river that will take us to the other side of mortal life.
  • O Lord, help us bear the burden of life.
  • O Lord, blow our worries into the air.
  • O Lord, wash away all the stains of our soul and let us come clean of all the charges.
  • O Lord, dry up the tears in our eyes. (Such a beautiful way to ask the Lord to relieve us of every pain that causes tears.)

This paragraph is my absolute favourite. I am sure Sartaj Singh (the lyricist and singer of this song: “Sai Ve Sadi Fariyad Tere Tayi”) was working under divine guidance during this time. There’s no other thing that can explain the surreal beauty of the words he has penned. 

Stanza – 12

Sai ve dila de gulaab mehkai
Sai ve bas patti pyaar di parai
Sai ve paak saaf ruha nu milai
Sai ve bachya de vangu samjhai
Sai ve mare kamo ghurr ke hatai
Sai ve khoteya nu khare ch milayi
साईं वे दिला दे गुलाब महकाई, 
साईं वे बस पट्टी प्यार दी पढ़ाईं ।
साईं वे पाक साफ़ रहा नु मलाई, 
साईं वे बच्चेआ दे वंगु समझाईं ।
साईं वे माड़े कामो घूर के हटाई, 
साईं वे खोटेया नु खरे च मिलाई ।
  • O Lord, make the roses of my heart fragrant. (Make my heart so good and bless it so profusely that it spreads soothing fragrances.)
  • O Lord, teach me love and only love. (Because anything else will take us away from the path of spirituality.)
  • O Lord, unite me with pure and clean souls. (“Paak” means pure and “saaf” means clean)
  • O Lord, explain me like one explains the kids. (i.e. with patience and love)
  • O Lord, stare at me and drive me away from bad deeds. (How can something be so beautiful! How. This is the prayer for the soul indeed. Here, the singer requests the Lord to act like a parent who stares at their kids when they are about to do something wrong. Can there be a better prayer? I don’t think so!)
  • O Lord, mix the bad with the good. (So the bad can turn into good humans.)

Part – 13

Sai ve lohe naal paras ghasaai
Sai ve mehnta de mul v puvai
Sai ve marya de mandi na vikai
Sai ve dekhi hun derr na lagai
साईं वे लोहे नाल पारस कसाई, 
साईं वे मेहेंता दे मूल वे पवाई ।
ओ साईं वे मारेया दी मंदी न विखाई, 
साईं वे देखि हून देर न लगाई ।
  • O Lord, rub Iron with Paras i.e. Philosopher’s stone. (Insight: Paras is a stone that can turn anything into gold with its touch.)
  • O Lord, let people reap the true rewards of their efforts. (Wow!)
  • O Lord, don’t let the markets of the bad prosper. (Because when good things happen to the bad, they continue doing the bad. Karma should hit them so they can realise their folly.)
  • O Lord, don’t take too long to grant the wishes of this prayer. 

Stanza – 14

Sai ve dara’n te khare han kherr pai
Sai ve mehra vale meeh v varSai
Sai ve akla de ghare nu bharai
Sai ve gumbad garur de girai
Sai ve agg vangu hosle pugai
Sai ve ambra ton soch mangwai
साईं वे दारां ते खरे हा खैर पाई, 
साईं वे महरा वाले मीह वि वरसाई ।
साईं वे अकला दे घड़े नु पराई, 
साईं वे घुम्बद गरूर दे गिराई ।
साईं वे आग वंगु हौसले पखाई, 
साईं वे अम्बरा तोह सोच मंगवाई ।
  • O Lord, we’re standing at your door; please do good to us. (Insight: The wordplay of “khare” and “Khair” is pretty. This line has just what it takes to make a poetic piece soothing.)
  • O Lord, pour the rains of your blessings. 
  • O Lord, fill the vessel of our minds with nurturing virtues. 
  • O Lord, shatter the domes of arrogance. 
  • O Lord, keep our spirits as high as the flames of the fire. 
  • O Lord, let our thoughts come from the heavens. 

Stanza – 15

Sai ve aape vaaj maar ke bulai
Sai ve hun sanu kol v bithai
Sai ve apne hi rang ch rangai
Sai mein har vele kara Sai Sai
Sai ve totey vangu bol v ratai
साईं वे अपे वाज़ मार के बुलाई, 
साईं वे हुन सानु कोल वे बिठाई ।
साईं वे अपने ही रंग च रंगाई, 
साईं वे मैं हर वेहले करां साईं साईं ।
साईं वे तोते वांगु बोल वी रटाई, 
  • O Lord, call us and guide us yourself.
  • O Lord, make us sit right beside you. 
  • O Lord, colour us in your colour. 
  • O Lord, make me sing your name every day, every moment. 
  • O Lord, make me repeat your name like a parrot. 

Stanza – 16

Sai ve atma da diva v jagai
Sai ve anhad naad cherr jai
Sai ve ruhani koi taal cherr jai
Sai ve sachi sartaj hi banaiii
साईं वे आत्मा दा दीवा वी जगाई ।
साईं वे अनहद नाद तू वजाई, 
साईं वे रूहानी कोई तार छेड़ जाईं ।
साईं वे सच्ची सरताज वी बनाई ।।
  • O Lord, kindle the diya of my soul.
  • O Lord, play the eternal music in my soul. (Insight: Anhad Naad is the sound of the cosmos. It is the ultimate sound that transcends space and time; it has no beginning and end. It is the sound that is talked about in every spiritual book – the sound one must try to listen to while meditating. Isn’t it beautiful – the way Sartaj Singh has referred to something so deep in so few words!)
  • O Lord, touch some divine chord inside of me.
  • O Lord, make me what my name says I am – Sartaj i.e. a master of one’s field. (I assume he wanted to achieve mastery in music, and he has indeed!)

That’s all!

Did you love Sai Ve Sadi Fariyad Tere Tayi Lyrics? I thought so! If I interpreted something wrong or you have a different interpretation, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. It’s a safe and fun place to share. Well, I plan on making it one. Fingers crossed.

Also, if you have a list of heartfelt divine songs you adore, do share. I’ll love to hear about them and, consequently, listen to them. Until then, let’s take passionate dives into the sea of gratitude every day. Every hour. Every minute. Preferably now. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Sai Ve Sadi Fariyad Tere Tayi Lyrics & Its English Translation – Prayer for the Soul”

  1. Girl you did beyond a wonderful job in explaining this beautiful song (actually a prayer tho). My dad is a punjabi and I do understand punjabi to a great extent but since I speak hindi natively, there are few words whose meaning I didn’t know. And it just didn’t make sense to go search for every word’s meaning on google again and again. I am soooooooo glad I came across this. May the universe be by your side 🙂

    P.S- As someone who is fond of languages and knows how hard the work of a translator is to carry the essence of each word from world of one language to other, You did an amaaaaaaaazing work there in keeping the essence intact to a great extent. Music truly transcends language.

    1. Hello Arya! 🙂 Thank YOU. Thank YOU SO MUCH. Please know that your comment is a serendipitous gift to me; it’s an angelic presence that has flown into my writing world to further ignite my passion. Just like your name has a rich history, your presence in this conversation has added depth and meaning. Truly! 👼 

My writing world is dancing like a melody of joy; thanks to you! 🎶 Knowing that my explanation resonated with you, especially in bridging the gap between Punjabi and Hindi, fills my heart with immense happiness. It’s like our linguistic universes have harmonised, and your appreciation is the sweetest harmony of all.

      Language is a realm of artistry and finesse, and your understanding of the effort involved truly touches me. Your recognition of the translation process and its intricacies, again, warms my soul.

      As the universe weaves its tapestry of connection, I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with someone who appreciates the power of music and language just as deeply. May our shared love for words and melodies continue to guide us on this enchanting path. 

I wish you just the best. THE BEST. May the strength of goodness stand as an unwavering guard in your life, today and always. 🙂

  2. Prashant Tripathi

    The translation of this song demands some sense of spirituality to understand its essence, and you have done it wisely and whole-heartedly. Your blog says it all, how much blissful you had been feeling while listening to this song after knowing its meaning and realising the tranquility in each and every word.

    And I totally agree with you that Sartaaj ji, surely had been working under divine guidance while writing this masterpiece.

    Thank you ma’m, for this well-written translation.🙏

    If you consider my suggestion, then you can look for the song “Jis tan lagya ishq kamaal” by Baba Bulle Shah.

    1. Hello Prashant! :)) Thank you, from the core of my being, for your kind words. It makes me feel immensely grateful and happy to know that my translation managed to convey the spiritual essence of the song, and that you could sense the tranquility within each word. Your thoughtful observation reflects an understanding that goes beyond the surface, and I’m grateful for that connection.

      It’s fascinating how music can be a vessel for spirituality, carrying messages that resonate on a profound level. 

      Another thing that I’m truly grateful for is your suggestion to explore “Jis tan lagya ishq kamaal” by Baba Bulle Shah. I’ll certainly take it to heart and pen another comment once I’m done listening to it. Please know that I’ll definitely listen to it and that I wait for suggestions like these. This comment by you will always be special. Thank YOU so much. 🙂

  3. The translation here is done with exceptional skill. I’ve been a devoted follower of your blog for quite a while now. The breadth you’ve displayed in tackling complex subjects is truly mesmerizing, captivating readers. Wishing you continued and ever-growing success ahead!

    1. Hello Kanika! :)) Your comment swept in like a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day! I can’t help but feel like I’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove of encouragement and kind words. 🌟 It has me grinning from ear to ear.

      The fact that you’ve been a part of this journey for a while fills my heart with gratitude. Thank you SO much. So much. Really! With your continued support, I’m all the more inspired to keep crafting those brushstrokes of knowledge and wonder. Your words, truly, are a symphony of appreciation that fills me with gratitude and motivation to keep the ink flowing. Thank you once again for the beautiful wishes and I hope just the best for you. May the embrace of goodness always stand as your protective shield.

  4. Couldn’t have explained it more beautifully like u did. I was so enchanted by this song. Safe to say the way u took us through the song was exceptional, listening to the song while reading this took soo high I was about to cry.

  5. Thank you so much Ms. Heena! You explained it in a very discriptive manner. Your personal experience, knowledge of spirituality and linguistic comprehension in between the explanation made it superb easy to comprehend. I listened this in 2010, and I didn’t get at that time but today it made my day. Splendid!!!!✨✨

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