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Know the Garden Of Silence – From A Localite’s Perspective

A girl is sitting in a meditative pose just like Gautam Buddha is at the Garden of Silence in Chandigarh.

Garden of Silence is where the heavens shower serenity in Chandigarh. 

Wrapped in the unmistakably happy hues of nature, it celebrates the abundance of life’s little but magical moments. Not just this, it distils the feeling of euphoria into a kaleidoscope of art. 

No wonder this place is an absolute favourite among artists (be it writers, photographers, musicians, or likewise), thanks to it being far from the madding crowd. 

Garden of Silence, Chandigarh | Basic Details 

  • Address – Sector 6, Block 5, Lake Walking Way, Bhagwanpura, Chandigarh, Punjab 160101
  • Landmark – The Chandigarh Golf Club, Sector 6, Block 4, Lake Walking Way, Kishangarh, Chandigarh, Punjab 160019
  • Timings – 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
  • Entry Fee – None

How Big Is The Garden Of Silence | Location

Imagine a semi-circle that is approximately 6 km long. At one end of this semi-circle is located the famous Sukhna Lake (Sector 1, Chandigarh). The other extreme (also known as the backside of Sukhna Lake) is the Garden of Silence. It lies at the regulator end of Sukhna Lake. 

You could walk/jog/run from one end to the other if you have that stamina. I haven’t done it, but I’d love to know if somebody has.  

Note: While many references say that the Garden of Silence falls under Kishangarh, the truth is Bhagwanpura and Kishangarh are tiny villages that are just around the location. Bhagwanpura village makes a little more sense because it shares borders with the lake.

Map showing where Garden of silence is located which is near Kishangarh and Bhagwanpura

What Is Garden Of Silence In Chandigarh Famous For?

Garden of Silence is famous for lending a unique touch of the divine to anyone who comes here. This divine touch comes from – 

The four things to notice in the garden of silence are the Buddha Statue, Bougainvillea flowers, Flagstones, & jungle trail

1. Buddha Statue & Concentric Stairs

In the heart of the garden lies a mammoth statue of Gautam Buddha. Surrounding the figure are concentric circular stairs that serve as seats. These stairs are a work of sheer art, and you must give them their due attention. Adjacent to the idol is another set of stairs that lead up to the reservoir – the end of the lake. 

2. Bougainvillaeas & Greenery

An ode to timelessness, the beauty of this garden is amplified by the effervescent bougainvillaea flowers and magnificent green trees that are all over the place. 

3. Lake & Pavement Made Out Of Flagstones

The oh-so-bewitching lake that you can walk up the stairs to is the show-stopping element of this garden. You can sit facing the lake, legs hanging from a raised flagstone pavement, and watch the sun sleep in the arms of the horizon – so it can wake up to give Chandigarh a glorious view of the sunrise. Woohoo! 

4. Jungle Trail

You could peacefully walk through this genuinely raw trail. It has trees on either side, bending towards one another, making a shelter above you – for you. If you’re lucky, you might come across some exotic flora, fauna, ducks, & migratory birds. Good luck! 

The picture depicts the night scene where the Buddha is illuminated, a random statue, gym equipment, and a poetic soul

5. Illuminated Garden During The Night

I’ll let the picture do the talking!  

6. Artistic Sculptures

By the lake, you’ll find abstract sculptures that will force you to stop and think of the abstractness we are all bound by. This one is my favourite. 

7. Gym Equipment

The Chandigarh Administration Ministry of Tourism, Government of India (GOI), has installed gym equipment because it anticipated local crowds to flock. And rightly so! Chandigarh is a city of gardens indeed and gardens promote fitness; hence this step. 

8. Artists

Here, one can meditate, play board games, sit and discuss the more profound philosophies of life, or just be. This area is also ideal for conducting poetry slams to make evenings memorable. You’ll find photographers, guitarists, pre-wedding event managers, and bloggers showcasing their skills. 

Insight – I often find photographers clicking sunset pictures. This one time I went there, I met some kind photographers who clicked some SUPER AWESOME pictures for me. I later discovered that they were professional photographers who cover significant events for people. 

Other Things To Look Out For In The Garden Of Silence, Chandigarh

  • Shivalik Mountains In The Backdrop 
  • Other End Of The Lake (Sukhna Lake)
  • Cotton-Candy Clouds In The Star-Studded Sky
  • Pastel Hues During Sunrise & Sunset
  • Feather – If You Maintain A Collection. I do! 

How To Reach The Garden Of Silence?

-For Localites (Residing in Chandigarh, Panchkula, or Mohali)

  • By Yaana – Issued in the public interest, Yaana is an app-based bicycle-sharing service under which you get to pedal around the city on rented bicycles for only INR 10 for 1 hour. The cycles have GPS tracking systems and smart locks. You can take one from any dock station and leave the same at any parking station near your destination. Easy and environment-friendly! 
  • By Your Own Vehicle – Of course! Stating the obvious. 
  • By Local Bus – The local CTU buses that cater to the bus stands of Kishangarh and Saketri (places that are super near to the Garden of Silence) are 2D, 22, 71, 206, & 254. Other bus stands close to the park are the IT Park bus station and the Manimajra bus station.
  • By Cab – In Chandigarh, cab services are offered by Ola, Uber, and inDriver. You could easily book a cab from your place and reach here without hassles. Just don’t forget to carry your artistic weapons (musical instruments, brushes, pen, chess, books, etc. Even thoughts to ponder will do. *wink*) 

Also, you could park your car at Sukhna Lake and jog/walk the 6 km jogging trail to reach the Garden of Silence. Perfect if you are an athlete!

-For Tourists (Coming From A Different City/Country)

  • By Bus – There are three major bus stands nearby (i) Sec 17 Bus Stand (8 km), (ii) Sector 43 Bus Stand (11 km), and Manimajra Bus Stand (4 km). Any city (big or small) will have buses that will drop you at these bus stands wherefrom you can either choose a local bus, auto, cab, or Yaana (the bicycle-sharing service). 
  • By Train – Chandigarh Junction Railway Station (Station Code CDG) is the only railway station in Chandigarh and is (luckily) immensely close to the Garden of Silence. It is only around 5 km away, roughly 10 minutes distance to travel. Yay! 
  • By Flight – Chandigarh Airport, again, is the only airport in Chandigarh. (While my city is geographically small, it continues to expand the geographies of people’s hearts. Talk about a small place that is big on emotions!) You could take a flight to Chandigarh (or Delhi – because it’ll always be cheaper) and reach the garden to soothe your nerves. 
  • By Your Own Car/ Bike – Always an option.

Why Is Garden Of Silence My Absolute Favourite Spot In Chandigarh?

Our hearts come from the land of dreams. While some hearts remember their roots; others tend (perhaps pretend) to forget. The ones that forget are unsure about dreams walking into reality. Garden of Silence, for me, is one place that assures me of how dreams from Dreamland can make their way into the reality of the Wonderland we live in!

That’s how HeenaInTheWonderland came into being. This place offers my soul the dopamine doses it needs to believe in the goodness of people and places around. (Even Nada Sahib does this for me but in a little less magnitude.)

Here, I love to watch the tangerine sun burst into a palette of soothing colours, make sense of the mumblings of my heart, talk my heart out to myself, experience unfiltered peace and imagine myself living a vintage life. Life… Life where I enjoy lying in a field of dandelions with wildflowers in my hair and poetry books in my hands; where I write and prescribe poetic verses as medicines to the ones who need healing; where I TRULY am the HeenaInTheWonderland. 🙂

Because the Garden of Silence gives me the freedom to be whoever I want to be, it’s my absolute favourite. And if you too want to experience this soul-stirring freedom, this place is for you! 


Q: Which is the nearest landmark to the Garden of Silence?
Ans: Garden of Silence is very close to the Chandigarh Golf Club. 

Q: What does the statue of Lord Buddha in the Garden of Silence, Chandigarh, signify?
Ans: The statue of Lord Buddha painted in white signifies peace. That’s precisely why it is a meditative space and is known for the same.

Well, that’s all!

If there’s anything more you want to know, drop an email at mail@heenainthewonderland.com and I’ll make sure you have accurate answers. And if you have your own Garden of Silence experiences to share, let them not be silent. Know that I’m all ears. Drop a comment or write to me, and I’ll write back to you.

If you’re a vintage soul, you can also write me a handwritten letter. I’d LOVE to read it. 🙂

Also, please don’t forget to show some love by commenting and sharing this with your friends and family. Your support through this new journey I’m taking will MEAN THE WORLD TO ME. Truly! And if you’re already reading this, I’m indebted to you for spending time here. I promise to make this place more exciting. Please don’t hesitate to share suggestions if you have any. See you soon! 🙂

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  1. Very beautiful indeed. I remember the first time I had read this when you had sent me. I had loved it then, I read it today and I loved it again. I don’t usually read travel blogs but this one was a really soothing and ecstatic journey through your profound writing. Looking forward to read more 🌻🌻

    1. Thank you so, so much, Ronit. You know how much this means to me. Thank you for always offering support and showing love for the words I pen. 🙂 I’m SUPER glad that you enjoyed this piece.

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