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Amber Fort Light And Sound Show – Timings, Entry Fee, Show Details, & More

The place where Amber Light & Sound Show Happens - A garden surrounded by water on all sides

Hello explorers! It’s great if you know about Amber Fort Light and Sound Show already. However, when I visited Amber Fort (more on this soon), I had absolutely no clue something like this existed. 

And thank god, I didn’t. Otherwise, I’d have wanted to fit this show into my 2N-3D Pushkar-Jaipur itinerary for all the hype that surrounds the show.

What’s The Hype?

Imagine this: Gulzar’s script, Amitabh Bachchan’s narration, and the soul-stirring music from Ustad Sultan Khan & Shubha Mudgal – all coming together in one epic show! 

This is Amber Fort Light & Sound Show in a nutshell.

Now, who wouldn’t want to attend this Pinterest-worthy event? I definitely would have if I hadn’t read the reviews and heard it from the tour guides themselves. (More on this in a bit.)

What Is The Light & Sound Show In Amber Fort About?

The show tries to revive the glorious days of Amber when it was the capital of Rajasthan. The focus is on the 28 Kings of the Kachwaha Dynasty, spanning the 600 years of legendary. More or less, it is an attempt to wake up the echoes of the time before the state’s capital shifted to Jaipur. 

Not to forget, colourful lights illuminate the structure and reflect beautifully on the Lake waters.

Amer Fort Light And Sound Show Timings

  • October – February: 6:30 PM (English), 7:30 PM (Hindi)
  • March – April: 7:00 PM (English), 8:00 PM (Hindi)
  • May – September: 7:30 PM (English), 8:30 PM (Hindi)
  • Duration: 52 Minutes
  • Show Days: Every Day
  • Audio Guide: Available

Amber Fort Light & Sound Show Ticket Fee

  • INR 250 + 18% GST = INR 295 for both shows (Hindi + English) 

(As of Oct 2023)

Where In Amber Fort Is This Light & Sound Show?

It’s in the Kesar Kiyari complex in Lake Maota which is surrounded by water on three sides, with a jaw-dropping view of Amber Fort in the front and the majestic Jaigarh Fort rising on the left. 

Why Do People Not Recommend It?

People don’t go gaga over Amber Fort’s Light & Sound show because the kind of VFX we are used to, in today’s world, is next level. It’s something this show is far, far away from. It’s too old-fashioned.

But because the management is content with the current turnout (the show draws a full audience), it sees no urgency to revamp the show’s quality. As long as the seats are occupied, there is little incentive for the organizers to invest in modernizing the experience it feels.

While I haven’t personally attended the show, the feedback I’ve gathered suggests that it might not be worth the effort to make time for it. Therefore, if scheduling permits, great. If not, there seems to be little reason to regret missing out on this particular attraction. 🙂

Other Places To Visit In/Near Jaipur & Their Distance From Amber Fort

Brahma Temple, Pushkar from Amber Fort Distance154.6 Km3 Hours 17 Mins
Nahargarh Fort from Amber Fort Distance10 Km18 Mins
Jaigarh Fort from Amber Fort Distance6.9 Km14 Mins
Hawa Mahal from Amber Fort Distance8.2 Km16 Mins
City Palace, Jaipur from Amber Fort Distance8.1 Km14 Mins

I have penned down my thoughts on the magnificent Nahargarh Fort and Brahma Temple (links above) for you to go through.

Can I request you to read or come back later to these when you have time? This will help you curate your Jaipur itinerary better. And my words, in return, would get ears to nibble on. That’s all my words crave for – listening ears! 🙂

Distance of Amber Fort from Jaigarh, Nahargarh, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, etc.


While I’m fully aware that dropping reviews about something without actually having experienced it isn’t right, I feel the reviews here can’t all be wrong. So take your call! 🙂

And if you have something positive to share about the Amber Fort Light & Sound Show, the comment section is always open. I’d LOVE to see the other side of the coin.

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