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Brahma Temple Pushkar: Stories, Architecture, Timings & More

Brahma Temple Pushkar & Pushkar Lake with Shivling

The Brahma Temple Pushkar in Rajasthan is one of the very few temples (and the only temple as per the scriptures) dedicated to Lord Brahma, the Creator of the Hindu trinity. It lies very close to the Pushkar Lake where a dip on Full-Moon/Kartika Poornima in Oct-Nov is known to offer salvation. 

Note: Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh is the Hindu Trinity with Brahma as the Creator, Vishnu as the Preserver, and Mahesh or Shiva as the Destroyer.

Insight: Pushkar is often referred to as the only place with Brahma Mandir in India, resulting from a curse placed by Savitri (or Saraswati). Although it is no longer the sole temple dedicated to Brahma, it remains one of the most prominent. (You can find the entire list of Lord Brahma Temples in India below.) 

Brahma Temple Pushkar Timings

  • Winters: 6:30 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Summers: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Closing Time: 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
  • Time Required: 1-2 hrs
  • Entry Fee: None

Story/Mythology Behind Lord Brahma Temple Pushkar

Pushkar attracts pilgrims, tourists, and free-spirited individuals, thanks to its sacred lake and unique temple. However, what truly captivated me were the stories woven into the fabric of this enchanting place.

Story 1 

The images of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, & Shivji to portray the story relating the three.

Brahma and Vishnu, in a contest of supremacy between them, decided to measure an endless pillar of light. While Vishnu sought the base, Brahma aimed for the top.

As both deities struggled to uncover the extremities of the pillar, they realized the futility of their efforts. While Vishnu, in his humility, acknowledged his inability to find the base, Brahma resorted to deceit, using a Ketaki flower as false proof of victory.

Shiva saw through the deception & emerged from the pillar, exposing Brahma’s lie. In response, Shiva cursed Brahma for his dishonesty, decreeing that he would have no dedicated temples due to his unworthiness.


That’s precisely why Ketaki flowers are not offered to Shivji.

Story 2

Lord Brahma and Shatrupa Story depiction

In another story, Manmada and Radhidevi, through their dedicated penance, pleased Lord Brahma. In return, the Lord bestowed upon them three arrows, each possessing the incredible power to awaken feelings of romance, even in the most steadfast of hearts. To test the arrows, Manmada used one on Lord Brahma himself.

At that precise moment, Lord Brahma was engrossed in creating a woman named Satrupa (along with 10 men). Thus, the power of the arrow surged within him, and he found himself irresistibly drawn towards her. Uncomfortable under his unwavering gaze, she fled in all four directions.

Astonishingly, as she moved, additional heads emerged from Lord Brahma’s form, each gazing amorously in the direction she had run. Overwhelmed, she leaped above Lord Brahma’s head, and a fifth head sprang into existence, positioned above the four others, all besotted with her.

She turned to Lord Shiva for help who severed the fifth head of Lord Brahma to free Satarupa (considered Brahma’s daughter as he created her) from the gaze. He further cursed Brahma to remain templeless.


Was Lord Brahma really wrong? He blessed and rewarded someone who did something out of curiosity, the consequences of which had to be borne by Brahma. I am so confused about life right now. Like really. Somebody whom I deeply value (and forever will) told me to always DO THE RIGHT THING when surrounded by bubbles of confusion. BUT WHAT IS RIGHT? WHY IS EVERYTHING SO SUBJECTIVE? Why! When are we going to figure out life? Are we ever going to?

I promise to update this space HeenaInTheWonderland if I figure out even 1% of it. Until then…

Story 3

Gayatri Mantra

According to the Padma Purana, Lord Brahma used his lotus flower as a weapon to defeat the demon Vajra Nabha, who had killed his sons. During the battle, three petals fell from his lotus weapon, creating three lakes, with Pushkar Lake (also known as Jyesthha Lake) being the largest.

Insight: The word “Pushkar” is derived from “push,” meaning “flower,” and “kar,” meaning “hand” (Brahma’s).

To cleanse himself from the act of killing, Lord Brahma decided to perform a yajna (fire sacrifice) at Pushkar Lake. He created protective hills and stationed gods to guard the area from demons, with Lord Varaha, an incarnation of Vishnu, overseeing the proceedings at the Varaha Temple near the lake.

However, a delay occurred as Lord Brahma needed his consort, Saraswati, to perform the yajna. In a dilemma, he sought Lord Indra’s help in finding a maiden to sit as his wife. They selected a Gujjar milkmaid’s daughter named Gayatri, sanctified her, and performed the wedding.


Upon Saraswati’s arrival, she discovered Gayatri in her rightful place. Enraged, she cursed Lord Brahma to remain templeless. She also cursed Lord Indra to be vulnerable in battles, Lord Vishnu to endure separation from his consort as Rama, and Agni to face impoverishment if officiating in yajnas.

Saraswati & Gayatri Temple | Temple of Consorts 

It is known that after all this, Saraswati, or Savitri, then retreated to the Ratnagiri Hill, where a temple dedicated to her stands to this day. This temple can be seen from the windows in the Brahma Temple. Interestingly, it is known that Gayatri, afraid of Savitri’s wrath, lies at the opposite end of Ratnagiri Hill.

Mitigation Of Saraswatiโ€™s Curse

Later, Gayatri mitigated Saraswati’s curse, blessing Pushkar to be the Teerthraj, the king of pilgrimages. Surrounded by 52 bathing ghats, pilgrims take a dip in this sacred lake, especially during Kartik Poornima (almost a festival here).

Additionally, she granted assurances: Indra would retain his rule over heaven without the fear of being easily defeated, and when Lord Vishnu incarnated as a human, he would ultimately reunite with his beloved wife. Moreover, Gayatri decreed that the priest who officiated yajnas would be respected and revered as a scholar in society. 

Architecture Of Brahma Mandir In Pushkar

Brahma Temple Pushkar & Pushkar Lake with Shivling
  • The Brahma Temple in Pushkar is REALLY PRETTY. I’d call it cute even. Courtesy: The beautiful blue colour of the temple. It’s Blue-tiful.
  • Made primarily of marble and stone, it features an eye-catching red spire or shikhara and is adorned with a hamsa bird motif.
  • The sanctum sanctorum houses a four-headed idol of Lord Brahma and his consort, Gayatri, the goddess of Vedas.
  • Do notice the temple’s silver-inlaid marble floors and walls. The devotees have inscribed their names/ drawn swastik signs with silver coins as offerings to Lord Brahma. It’s a lovely view.
  • When you step inside, notice a silver turtle displayed on the temple floor. It symbolises Lord Brahma’s mount, the hamsa.
  • There are two windows in the Brahma Temple from where you can look at the Savitri Temple mounted on Ratnagiri Hill.
  • The Shivlinga in one of the bathing ghats is a cute view too.

I have absolutely no Pushkar Brahma Temple photos to support this because photography was (sort-of) banned inside the temple. This one picture was secretly taken by Renu. I really need to be a little bold (taking a mental note of this). The

Construction Of Lord Brahma Temple Pushkar

While many ancient temples were destroyed during the rule of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, the Jagatpita Mandir/Brahma Temple in Pushkar survived. It is believed to have been constructed by the sage Vishwamitra following a yagna (ritual) performed by Lord Brahma in Pushkar. Adi Shankara, the 8th-century Hindu philosopher, renovated this temple. The present structure is credited to Maharaja Jawat Raj of Ratlam, who made additions and repairs while preserving the original temple’s design.

Best Time To Visit Brahma Mandir In Pushkar

The best time to visit the Brahma Temple in Rajasthan (Pushkar) is on Kartik Poornima in particular and October to March in general. Please note that Pushkar is a little more crowded than usual in November because of the famous Camel Festival & Kartik Poornima.

The place is known to be visited particularly during Shradhs as well. We visited the temple on the second day of Shradh and my mom told me that you are lucky to have been visiting the temple at such an auspicious time. That made me happy for no reason. ๐Ÿ™‚

How To Reach Brahma Temple Pushkar

  • By Flight: While there’s no airport in Pushkar, the nearest airport is Jaipur International Airport (JAI). You can take taxis and buses from Jaipur Airport to Pushkar.
  • By Road: Pushkar is connected by National Highways 48 and 58, linking it to Jaipur and Ajmer. For people planning from Chandigarh, there is no direct bus to Pushkar. Thus, we took an overnight bus to Ajmer, and from there, it took us 40 mins to reach Pushkar.
  • By Train: The nearest central railway station is in Ajmer which is 30-40 mins away from Pushkar by road.

Market Near Brahma Dev Temple in Pushkar

Blue Dress from Pushkar Market for just INR 800.

The marketplace is grand. Like GRAND. And CHEAP. Buy to your heart’s content. You’ll find beautiful bags for INR 200, juttis for INR 150, and dresses for INR 500. I bought this dress from this wholesale shop for INR 800. ONLY. Best buy! ๐Ÿ™‚

A piece of poetry written by Heena on a dress she bought from the market near Brahma Temple Pushkar.

Embracing the arm-on-the-waist pose in three different pictures! Hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜› Guess who needs to have a bit more variety in her poses?

Anyhow, this shop offers products at wholesale rates, making shopping experiences both cost-effective and delightful. The seller even goes the extra mile by showcasing the dresses through video calls for interested clients (stating what he shared with me). I’ve kept their contact card handy, just in case… ๐Ÿ™‚

Showcasing bags and juttis one can get from the market near Bahma Temple Pushkar.

Distance of Brahma Mandir In Pushkar from Other Famous Cities & Places

Major Cities DistanceTime
From Ajmer to Pushkar Temple15.3 Km37 Mins
From Nahargarh Fort to Pushkar Temple160 km4 Hours
From Jaipur to Pushkar Temple141.5 Km3 Hours
From Amber Fort to Pushkar Temple154.6 Km3 Hours 17 Mins
From Udaipur to Pushkar Temple315.1 Km5 Hours 25 Mins
From Gurugram to Pushkar Temple430 Km6 Hours 50 Mins
From Jaisalmer to Pushkar Temple443 Km8 Hours 51 Mins
From Chandigarh to Pushkar Temple611.4 Km10 Hours 20 Mins

I have penned down my thoughts and my personal encounter with the magnificent Nahargarh Fort and whether you should be attending the Amber Fort Light & Sound Show.

Can I request you to read or come back later to this when you have time? This will help you curate your Jaipur itinerary better. And my words, in return, would get ears to nibble on. That’s all my words crave for – listening ears! ๐Ÿ™‚

How Many Brahma Temples In India – List

  • Brahma Temple, Pushkar (Rajasthan)
  • Asotra Brahma Temple, Barmer (Rajasthan)
  • Brahma Temple, Basantgarh (Rajasthan)
  • Shri Brahma Mandir, Kalandari (Rajasthan)
  • Brahma Temple, Karivobanahalli (Bengaluru)
  • Aadi Brahma Temple, Khokhan, Kullu (HP)
  • Brahma Temple, Rahla, Kullu (HP)
  • Brahma Temple, Shilpihar, Kullu (HP)
  • Brahma Temple, Kanaun, Kullu (HP)
  • Brahma Temple, Nahan (HP)
  • Brahmoti Mandir, Una (HP)
  • Aadi Purkha Temple, Uttarsal Mandi (HP)
  • Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Thirupattur (Tamil Nadu)
  • Brahma Temple, Kumbakonam (Tamil Nadu)
  • Brahma Vishnu Shiva Temple, Kodumudi, Erode (Tamil Nadu)
  • Uthamar Kovil, Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu)
  • Thanumalayan Temple, Suchindram (Tamil Nadu)
  • Brahma Karmali Mandir, Panaji (Goa)
  • Thavanur Sri Brahmavu Temple, Thavanur (Kerala)
  • Brahma Temple, Kochi (Kerala)
  • Mithranandapuram Trimurti Temple, Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)
  • Brahma Temple, Bindusagar, Bhubaneshwar (Odisha)
  • Brahma Temple, Niali (Odisha)
  • Brahma Mandir, Kelwe (Maharashtra)
  • Brahma Mandir, Saphale (Maharashtra)
  • Brahma Temple, Torani (Maharashtra)
  • Shri Brahmadev Mandir, Mira-Bhayandar (Maharashtra)
  • Shri Brahma Temple, Kedbrahma (Gujarat)
  • Brahma Temple, Chinadoddigalu, Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Chaturmukha Brahma Lingeshwara Temple, Chebrolu (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Brahma Temple, Ambapuram (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Hirimbapur Brahma Mandir, Guwahati (Assam)
  • Rangachara Brahma Mandir, Barapeta (Assam)
  • 14 Gods’ Temple (Chaturdasha Temple), Old Agartala (Tripura)

Insight: The 5 highlighted temples are the major Brahma Temples in India. Some others can also be found in Indonesia and Thailand as well. 

Well, that’s all. ๐Ÿ™‚

For spiritual seekers, Brahma Temple Pushkar in Rajasthan is a pure delight. For shopaholics, it is HEAVENLY. And for culture explorers, you will find Rajasthan in its authenticity with women wearing ghagra choli and men with camels in kurta pyjama. It is a sight to behold for architects and history lovers too.

If you visit this blog and reach out to this part, I hope you find that missing piece of happiness when you plan your trip here. Truly! Trips heal us in mysterious ways and I hope you’ll let my words serve as your compass on the journey of life, one experience at a time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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