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Kathmandu & Pokhara Nepal Itinerary: 6D-5N Nepal Trip with a 76-Year-Old

A collage of images showcasing the Nepal Itinerary for 5 nights and 6 days.

Nepal’s compact yet diverse area, ranging from lofty mountains to verdant plains, poses a logistical puzzle for short-term explorers. With just a few days of Nepal itinerary, travellers can either sample the riches of Kathmandu and Pokhara, enjoy short treks or opt for adrenaline-fueled activities like whitewater rafting. For the bold, a helicopter jaunt to Everest Base Camp offers a thrilling alternative.

We, however, opted for the first in this brief timeframe of 6 days and 5 nights Nepal trip.

Day 1 – Chandigarh to Nepal Travel

Nepal Itinerary: Day 1

Our trip to Nepal kicked off bright and early at 6 AM from Chandigarh. With each passing hour, we thanked the divine powers for granting us the opportunity to experience this trip. 

I, more than anyone, because I had just transitioned to a more challenging role in a new organisation and getting leaves approved right after was a sweet surprise. 

Flashback: While 3rd time is the charm, the same happened when I joined my previous firm some 4.5 years back… I had a Bali trip planned right after I joined. I consider myself blessed to have found the right people around in my professional world. 

Anyhow, by the time the clock struck 7 in the evening, we finally touched down in Nepal and went on to settle into our hotel. After a brief refreshment, we explored the market to soak in the vibes of Nepal.

Nepal Airport Aesthetics


  • Departure –  4:50 PM from Delhi Airport via Royal Nepal Airlines 
  • Arrival 6:35 PM at Nepal’s only International Airport – Tribhuvan Airport 
  • Flight Cost – INR 67,210 (Round Trip) for 7 people i.e. INR 9,601 per person
  • Hotel Nepal Pavilion Inn (15 mins from the airport)

For detailed information on the hotel’s price and experience, read the blog on Nepal Pavilion Inn (coming soon) here. 


  • Getting to travel to Nepal. ^_^

Day 2 – Kathmandu to Pokhara Travel

Day 2 dawned with a twist we didn’t see coming – a road trip that felt more like a camel ride.

From Kathmandu to Pokhara, the journey tested our tolerance for bumps and jolts, making even Ladakh’s rough terrain seem smooth, not kidding!

As I bounced and swayed (not in a happy way), I promised myself that my debut blog in the Nepal Series would be a warning. True to my word, I’ve detailed my experience of travelling from Kathmandu to Pokhara by road here. 

Day2 Nepal Itinerary


  • Kathmandu Departure – 8:30 AM
  • Pokhara Arrival – 5:30 PM 
  • Stops we made – 2 (Breakfast and Lunch)
  • Breakfast Location – Local Shop 
  • Breakfast Experience – Naan was raw and chai was weird (Nepal’s native taste)
  • Lunch Location – Akala Highway Restaurant 
  • Lunch Experience – While “Thukpa” was yum, the “Nepali Thali” was okay
  • Kathmandu to Pokhara Traveller Cost – INR 67,210 (Round Trip) for 7 people i.e. INR 9601 per person
  • Hotel  Nepal Pavillion Inn

For detailed information on the hotel’s price and experience, read the blog on Nepal Pavilion Inn (I’ll upload this soon) here. 

Places Visited

  • Taal Barahi (Sandhya Aarti) 
  • Nearby Pokhara market


  • Had sugarcane stalks on the way. (Absolutely yum-ilicious.) 
  • Tried Thukpa – a local Nepalese dish. 
  • Explored bookshops. (What a feeling. WHAT A FEELING!) Nepal astonishingly has more bookstores than India does. I found 8 bookstores in the same market. (I wish I owned a bookstore. I wish. I wish. I hope. I pray.) 
  • Bought a book and 2 postcards. (I know it’s cute. Thanks.)
  • Explored the market, bakery shops, clubs, and more. (Notice the butterfly cake in the image, please.)

Day 3 – Pokhara Sightseeing

Today was all about covering Pokhara’s famous destinations. We covered all the places listed below in the same order and were free by 6:30 PM after which we explored the market. One jam-packed day from our Nepal itinerary!

Places Visited

  • Bindabasini Temple (Okayish) 
  • Davis Fall (👎) 
  • Gupteshwar Caves (😍 – BEST) 
  • Shiva Temple (Half built – Ambala has a better statue, just saying) 
  • Tal Barahi Temple (Cute)


  • Tossed coins in the wish-making pond, guaranteeing wish fulfilment if the coin landed on the statue. 🙂 
  • Braved down the cave’s secret steel path. There was darkness around with one narrow line of water roaring down the cliff, cool air, and scary echoes. Worth the effort! 

Day 4 – Back To Kathmandu

The day kicked off with a bit of dread as we had to endure a bumpy ride of 8 hours from Pokhara to Kathmandu (AGAIN) on what barely passed for a road.

I knew I’d likely need a pain reliever by the end, as the journey was sure to take its toll on my back, neck, and body. 😂 And it did. 🫨 Our only break was at the stunning Manokamana Mandir.

Places Visited

  • Manokamana Mandir


  • Everything at the Manokamana Mandir was a surreal highlight. Truly!

Day 5 – Kathmandu Sightseeing

Insight: The entire Nepal itinerary was meticulously planned around the prospect of Baba Ji (Beas) conducting the Satsang here.

However, destiny played its hand, and the initial excitement was met with disappointment as the Satsang was unexpectedly cancelled. However, just a few days before our scheduled travel, the Satsang was again confirmed. Yay! I have had a trillion questions about life and I tagged along, thinking I’d find answers to some.

Did I?

Well, it will, by all means, take a while for me to grasp the essence of this religious trip to Nepal. It was out-and-out dreamy with bits of absolute reality hitting me right in the face. A little closer to the answers I have been trying to find but, still, a little too far. Understanding life is difficult. Very difficult.

One thing I understood is that – Whatever has to happen, happens. Anyhow. Any which way. And it happens when it has to happen.

I have umpteen real-life examples (one of which is my being a part of this Nepal itinerary) and am just waiting to have enough data to compile them in a book and share the same across.

Places Visited

  • Satsang Ghar (🙏✨)
  • Budhanilkantha Temple/Jal Narayan Temple (Okayish)
  • Boudhanath Stupa (Lovely)
  • Pashupatinath Temple (Charming)


  • The darshan we had at every place. Pure bliss. <3

Day 6 – Swayambhunath Temple + Back Home

The day started with 7 people splitting their way into 2 groups. 4 of us went for the Sunday Satsang and 3 of us went to Kedarnath in Darbar Square because everyone had their own beliefs driving them. We left at 8:30 in the morning and met at around 1:00 PM outside Swayambhunath Temple after which we searched for markets where we could get everyone souvenirs.

Markets We Went To

  • Bhrikutti Bazaar


  • Shopping. Shopping. And more shopping.

This Nepal Itinerary cost us INR 30,000 per person (excluding shopping) and it was the cheapest trip I had taken in a while. Even the Goa trip I took last year cost me INR 60,000. Surprising, right? Perks of travelling in groups.

I’ll keep adding more links to this blog to make it more informative. Till then, keep visiting for more.

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