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Artjuna Cafe Goa: Where Whispers of Art & Gastronomy Echo

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I discovered Artjuna Cafe in Goa on my 3rd trip to this beach destination (Jan 2023). It was a part of my Goa Day 2 Itinerary.

It was touching 7 degrees Celcius in Chandigarh. The weather was so intense that I had to escape to a warmer place. (Otherwise, the chilly winds would have killed me.) Even the COVID policies that made us cancel our flights + itinerary to Thailand just a week before our trip clubbed with flight suspensions due to thick fog couldn’t stop me.

So when Thailand didn’t work out, Goa happened! (More details on this in Day 1 Goa Itinerary.)

About Artjuna Goa | In A Nutshell

Artjuna Cafe Goa is a hip place to hang out with friends and family. It’s a 4-in-1 joint where a restaurant, a bakery, a library, and an art shop (bohemian jewellery, clothes, scented items, etc.) come together to offer a wholesome experience to its visitors. The ambience is rustic, the music beats are exotic, and the trees along with Plumeria flowers (Champa) are graceful.

With luscious food to eat, art paintings to appreciate/buy, a boutique to get clothes/souvenirs, books to read, and indoor/outdoor games to play, it’s a complete destination in itself – Goa’s own creative retreat!

AddressArtjuna Anjuna | 972, Market Rd, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa, 403509
Timings7:30 AM to 10 PM
LocationAvailable on Google Maps, easily accessible via 4-wheelers
Parking Owns the Ground Opposite the Cafe as the Parking Area
MenuAll-Day Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner | Shared Below
PricingApprox. 1000-1500 per person
Service OptionsDine-in, Take-Away, & Delivery (Swiggy)

People Who Will Enjoy This Place The Most

  • People with No Real Agenda: Free-spirited souls who love to slow down and indulge the senses would be a perfect fit.
  • Foodies: Mediterranean & Middle Eastern cuisine lovers are in for a treat. More about Artjuna menu & food below.
  • Book Lovers: The library has books in 10+ languages. You can pick one or bring yours and dissolve in your imaginative world.
  • Artists: Since art exhibitions, workshops, events and live music are common here, it’s an out-and-out artists’ place.
  • Boho Lovers: Be it jewellery or clothes, boho enthusiasts will find everything in the classy lifestyle shop inside the cafe.
  • Aromatherapy Lovers: Self-care enthusiasts will find scented candles, mists, & likewise for their therapeutic needs here.
  • Coffee Maniacs: Arjuna Cafe brews freshly grounded arabica coffee beans sourced from Chikmagalur and Karnataka.
  • Nature Lovers: It has a large garden space with hammocks, tree houses, and flowers. This, right behind me, is a tree house.

Why I Love & Recommend Artjuna Cafe

1. Vibe

The place is super cool with hippies walking in and out like they belong here. If a place in a city can make foreigners feel at home, imagine how lovely it will be! Also, I have a thing for dreadlocks and bohemian box braids. Any place with these people is my vibe and this cafe was in absolute sync.

2. Food & Hospitality

I ordered watermelon juice and pasta from Artjuna’s palette of palate pleasures. Yum. Yum! Safe choices tbh. (Scroll down to the Menu below for more insights.) I also had a little chit-chat with the manager who politely invited us all to breakfast the next day, mentioning the place is always jam-packed during the early hours. He also mentioned having around 40 people in the waiting list that morning. I didn’t get to experience the place in all its glory, but I loved the welcoming feel it gave.

3. Lifestyle Shop & Wellness Products

Of course, the products are overly priced and one can get more for less at other places, but oh, the pleasure of checking out expensive stuff…and oh, the delight in knowing you can get it for less.

4. Location

It was 10 steps away from the villa we stayed at (De 12 Villas) and hardly 5 minutes away from Anjuna Beach. There is a clothing shop right opposite Artjuna Cafe Goa where both men and women can buy the COOLEST CLOTHES oozing Goan vibes. Don’t forget to check it out.

5. Nature

Since I went there for lunch, I LOVED the interplay of sunlight filtering through the leaves of the giant trees, casting mesmerizing patterns and shadows. It created a captivating and ever-changing spectacle that took my heart away. And oh, the flowers! I loveeeee Plumerias and I often bring them home to bask in the glory of Mother Nature’s terrific creative skills.

6. Books

I want to cry and cry and cry some more. Becauseeeeee. I didn’t get to see Artjuna’s library. There’s a reason why you must read a couple of blogs before you hit a place. Make it a point. MAKE IT A POINT. For me, Artjuna Goa was the cafe that was 10 steps away from the villa and we happened to discover it. I spent 3 hours taking the tour, getting clicked, and wandering around. SERIOUSLY! Where was the library? Where is the library? Why have they hidden it? But it’s there. Somewhere.

Rant: I just called them after exploring the pictures of this place (one of which was the library) and they confirmed its presence. For a devoted page-turner, who loses track of time in the embrace of books, and who is always thirsty for bookstore experiences, this is a bummer. I feel super sad. Maybe when you go next, you can send me a picture, please?

More Rant: For those wondering, I did explore a bookstore in Artjuna. I had to drive 2 hours for the same when one was merely 10 minutes away. Life is funny! More about the bookstore experience in Goa Day 3 Itinerary.

Artjuna Menu

​Artjuna Cafe Menu caters to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. The culinary team takes pride in using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create their dishes. The menu features a fusion of international and local flavours, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or meat lover, you’ll find an array of options that will tantalize your taste buds. From hearty breakfast items and scrumptious sandwiches to colourful salads, flavorful pasta dishes, and delectable desserts, Artjuna Cafe offers a symphony of flavours.

Another place with an extensive menu in Anjuna, literally 5 minutes (1.5 km) from Artjuna Cafe, is Pisco By The Beach. You can read about it on my blog and plan on paying it a visit.

What Should You Order | Cafe Artjuna’s Specialty

While I went for the safest options – Pasta and Watermelon Juice, Artjuna’s edible masterpieces are Hummus, Falafel, Shakshuka and Middle Eastern Thali. I knew I had to live on these items for the next 6 days, so started with familiar things. But those with a strong appetite must definitely go ahead with the famous dishes.

For drinks, I can vouch for the freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juice since I had them and they were refreshing! Smoothies and smoothie bowls are a hit among visitors too.

Artjuna Bakery

Croissants. Patisserie. Cakes. Breads. Cookies. Artjuna Bakery is the perfect instagrammable French-style bakery that whispers tales of wanderlust and soulful bites. Anddddd, the coffee! The coffeeeeee. 🙂

Artjuna Art Shop

Adjacent to the dining area, Arjuna Cafe houses an art shop that adds an artistic touch to the ambience. The vibrant and eclectic collection of jewellery pieces and clothes allows visitors to appreciate and buy souvenirs. If you’re someone who has an eye for jewellery, you’ll know you shouldn’t be paying too much for those. But if you’re busy and don’t have the time to look for similar things in flea markets, this is your place!

Artjuna Goa Exhibitions & Events

Right after you cross the entrance of the cafe Artjuna, all the way inside, you’ll find some displayed art. These are up for sale. Not just this, it organises live music performances, poetry readings, and workshops. These events serve as platforms for emerging artists, musicians, and writers to showcase their talents.

Other Art Cafe Goa Locations

1. Artjuna @Mojigao2. Artjuna @Mandrem3. Artjuna @Badem
Near Swan Yoga, Off Assagao, Road, Assagao, Goa 403519
Phone: 7722081090
MP87+CMM, Junas Waddo, Mandrem, Goa 403527
Phone: 07262001131
Off Assagaon Badem Rd, Vagator, Goa 403507
Phone: 077220 80190

Do hit this place if you’re in Anjuna. You won’t be disappointed. And if this piece does happen to make you visit Artjuna Cafe Goa (in a year, two, or five), do come back to leave a comment, please. It’ll help me know my words are being read; that they are doing something; that they are inspiring people to check out places (and not miss out on things like the library)!

May your long-pending Goa plan be a success soon. 🙂

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