Heena In The Wonderland

Goa’s The Flying Goat Cafe – Menu, Food, Bookstore, Events, & More

A girl named Heena Ganotra is standing before the library and exploring the restaurant in The Flying Goat Cafe.

The Flying Goat Cafe in Goa is a little slice of heaven you can’t (JUST CAN’T) miss, especially if you are a book lover! Trust me. TRUST ME. 

(Am I screaming in excitement? Hell, yeah! It’s “books” we are talking about, guysssss. My mind’s singing: Kaise samjhaun tujhe, mera pehla pehla pyaar hai yeh…)

Anyhow, I’ll come back to The Flying Goat Menu, Food, & Bar a little later but the BOOOOOOKSTORE. Therapeutic. Magical. Divine.

How Is The Flying Goat Cafe Different From Other Bookstore Cafes in Goa? 

The books here are meticulously colour-coordinated. This arrangement by colour is sheer ART to look at. You’ll go, “Woah!” (Not kidding.)

If you believe me, it’s like stepping into a literary rainbow where the same-coloured spines let you immerse in a sensory experience, celebrating the beauty of books.

Why This Colour Coordination?

  • The colour-coordinated approach isn’t a gimmick; it’s a design choice that adds to the overall ambience of the space. Each section of the bookstore transitions seamlessly from one colour to another, creating a sense of aesthetic harmony that’s pleasing to the eye and soul. It’s a feast for both book lovers and design enthusiasts.
  • It also encourages serendipitous discoveries. You might come in search of a specific title but leave with an entirely different book that caught your eye simply because of its striking cover colour. It’s a testament to the power of visual allure in the world of literature.


While some might fear that this system might make finding specific titles or authors challenging. Fear not! The Flying Goat has expertly curated its collection, ensuring that books within the same colour family share thematic or genre similarities. This means that despite the unique arrangement, you can still find your favourite mystery novel or classic literature with ease.

Personal Experience

As I moved from the warm, earthy tones of the reds and browns to the calming blues and greens, I felt I was embarking on a journey through different moods and emotions, just like book lovers do when reading a book. I found it to be a perfect example of visual storytelling because I couldn’t stop forming stories in my head. Here’s a little example.

A Little Silliness – No Books Were Harmed During The Production Of This Thought

HeenaInTheWonderland – I kept this name for a reason. I have an interesting mind (strictly according to me) and I was thinking…

If these books were kids, they’d have had a conversation like this –

Red-Coloured Book to The Flying Goat’s Bookstore staff – Ma’am Ma’am, please, I want to sit with my best friend (which would be a Maroon-Coloured Book). 

And the Maroon-Coloured Book would have wanted to be together with its crush (which would be a Crimson-Coloured Book).

Sweet enough to oblige; the bookstore staff would have ended up arranging all the shades of red together. Likewise for pink, green, yellow, black, and more. 

A Little More Silliness | Contradictory Thought

My mind, a whirlwind of curiosity, couldn’t stop thinking of a Blue-Coloured Book falling in love with a White-Coloured Book. 

Would their pages flutter with love, or would they be constrained by the expectations of their color-coded world? Were there daring books willing to defy the conventions of their comfortable colour zones? 

And then, as if on a literary adventure, I unearthed this tale.

Pretty clear that the world of books is as interesting as the world of humans. But it’s definitely more! 🙂

More On The Flying Cafe Bookstore

The shelves at The Flying Goat boast an eclectic selection of titles spanning various genres – from classic literature to contemporary fiction, from travelogues to cookbooks, and from self-help to graphic novels. The collection is a mix of new and pre-loved books. In case you’re not sure where to start, the friendly and knowledgeable staff is always eager to offer recommendations.

The Flying Goat Set-Up

As you step into The Flying Goat, you’re greeted by the gentle rustling of the palm trees.

When you enter the restaurant, you’ll find the atmosphere warm and inviting. From there, there’s a path that leads to 3 interconnected rooms that coalesce to form one humongous library.

After hours of exploring the literary wonders, you can unwind with a cup of their signature coffee or a delectable meal, all while surrounded by the soothing ambience of books. 

You can even sit outdoors amidst the greenery and enjoy your meal in the company of nature.

The Flying Goat Menu

The Flying Goat’s menu mirrors the diversity of its book collection. It offers an array of delicious dishes to cater to all tastes and people with different diet routines. The Flying Goa pizza is the best-selling dish that people go gaga over. 

You can pair your meal with a carefully selected wine or a refreshing local craft beer for a complete gastronomic experience.

The Flying Goat Events and Community

The Flying Goat is a hub for literary and cultural events as well. They regularly host book readings, author meet-and-greets, and book club gatherings, allowing visitors to connect with like-minded souls who share a love for literature.

Wow. Like WOW. WOWOWOW. (Yes, I’m as happy as a dog’s bark on seeing its owner after a long day). But seriously, wow! 

Quick Questions 

  • Does the mere sight of a bookstore/bookshelf fill your stomach with uncontainable butterflies? 
  • Do you feel like adopting each of the books you see because you JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH? 
  • Do you dream of owning your own library/bookstore, no matter how small?
  • Do you carry a book everywhere you go?

If you’re nodding your head with your imagination running wild, my kindred spirit, you are a book lover! And I’d want to know you better. Please drop a mail, comment, DM, or anything through which we can connect. 

If you’re not, but you know someone who is crazy about books, would you mind sharing this with them, please? It’ll mean a lot to me. And to them. Really! Thank you so much. 🙂

I could have spent the entire day at The Flying Goat cafe, but my friends had already paid the cover charges at Pisco By The Beach. It’s a funky party place where you can enjoy sundowners, swings, and sunsets. Sneak-Peek: It has hammocks as seats and the beach is right before the restaurant. Like right in the face. It’s beautiful. I got my favourite picture clicked here. Yay! 🙂 There’s another cafe you can explore if you are a little apprehensive about the cover charges – Artjuna Cafe.

No Digression

Anyhow, I don’t want to steal the charm of The Flying Goat cafe by bombarding you with other places.

If you want to be away from the “shor-sharaba” and experience some peaceful time surrounded by ABSOLUTE BEAUTY, this place it is! And because you’d be filled with the urge to colour-coordinate your books after a visit here, I’m wishing you good luck in advance. ^_^

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